Photography Workshop


The club invites several guest speakers and hosts throughout the year on a “not for profit” philosophy; aimed at helping photographers create stunning images.

These small group workshops are designed for people who perhaps do not fully understand the basic settings and principles of photography and what to achieve more from your camera.

  • We spend around 30 mins in the clubhouse, over coffee, tea and pastries, explaining your camera’s in-depth capture settings
  • Then travel in one vehicle, to a location on Exmoor, exploring these new camera settings
  • We then break for a light lunch, the cost of which is included
  • After lunch, we travel onto another location(s) to develop your skills in taking images, exploring in more depth the rules of photography, like the composition and leading lines
  • After returning to the clubhouse we have the opportunity to review our images from the day

We will meet the Exmoor Store, Friday Street, Minehead, TA24 5UB